This new blood testing technology offers a new dimension to the management of  food and chemical sensitivities.  After many years of development it is much improved over other blood testing technologies such as IgG or ALCAT  testing, which did not correlate as well with clinical symptoms.

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What is Mediator Release Testing(MRT)?

Delayed type hypersensitivity(DTH) to food and food chemicals is difficult to assess. DTH unlike
IgE mediated allergies can results in symptoms anywhere from minutes, but more like hours to
up to 3 days after exposure to the offending food or chemicals.  This can make identification of the specific sensitivity difficult.  It is the DTH  also known as Type III and Type IV hypersensitivity that have been recognized as activating migraines, IBS and Fibromyalgia and other painful symptoms.  Avoiding these substances has often been demonstrated to be very helpful for these disorders.
The MRT also known as LEAP (Life Style Eating and Performance) is a reproducible end point
test measuring non IgE mediated delayed hypersensitivities to food and food chemicals.

It is a patented blood test with a sensitivity of   94.5%, specificity of  91.7% and has a
reproducibility of greater than 90 %.  In addition MRT  provides a highly effective starting point
for helping patients determine their reactive foods.

The success of MRT testing is dependent on specialty  trained  Registered Dietitians to
interpret and implement the results of the testing.


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