Nutrition Services

Migraine, Irritable Bowel Syndrome , Fibromyalgia & other Inflammatory Conditions

This service includes the use of a patented Mediator Release Test(MRT).  This test will indirectly measure mediator release through precise measurement of changes to liquid/solids ratio of a blood sample after whole blood has been incubated with an individual food, additive, or chemical. This program has been shown to be very successful in treating IBS, Migraines, Fibromyalgia, as well as other conditions that are inflammatory in nature.

Fed Ex results are returned within 2 weeks of testing, this will include  a graphic profile of your  low, medium and highly reactive foods, a 50 page handbook and  wallet size reference card.

Individualized diet counseling(in person or by phone) to assist in meal planning , 3 to 5 visits, will
also be part of your treatment and will include:

- Medication review for reactive components
- Review of hidden sources of allergens, reactive items and intolerances
- Construction of a diet plan  avoiding your reactive foods
- Assistance with shopping and menu planning
- Easy cooking/restaurant selection guidelines
- Careful reintroduction of foods into your diet
- Monitoring of symptoms
- Desensitization and normalization of food intake

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Vegetarian and Vegan Diet Planning for health and disease management

Vegetarian and vegan eating requires planning in order to insure meeting your nutrition needs.  If you are suffering from diabetes or kidney disease, vegetarian meal planning can also be very effective in preventing complications or progression of your disease.  Individualized counseling will include:

- Medical history review
- Current Diet Analysis
- Individualized Diet Guidelines
- 3 Day Menu Plan
- Recommendations on nutrition supplementation

Food Sensitivity Testing:  Adverse reactions to food and food chemical can be a source of other complications to your disease process and may be recommended as part of your treatment program.  See Testing for more details.

Sports Nutrition

Maximizing your athletic performance requires knowing how to eat during training,  racing and  recovery.  Individualized diet counseling will include:

- Medical history review
- Current Diet  Analysis
- Individualized Diet Guidelines for eating during training, race day and recovery workouts
- 3 Day Meal Plan
- Recommendations on nutrition supplementation

Food Sensitivity Testing:  Adverse reactions to food and food chemicals can be a source of many common athletic problems such as diarrhea, early fatigue or inability to improve performance.  The results of this test can be worked into your diet Guidelines. See Testing for more details.

Nutrition Lectures

Specialized in speaking on the following topics to medical professionals and nonprofessional groups:

Can Food Or Food Chemicals Affect Your Health?

It is estimated that 20-30 % of the population has adverse reactions to food or  food chemicals.  Learn about how adverse food reactions can affect health

Vegetarian Eating For Health And Disease Management

Plant based eating can be the key to healthy living and better health.  Learn the benefit of plants based eating.  Learn simples ways  to adopt a vegetarian (or almost) vegetarian diet.

Sports Nutrition

Nutrition needs for training, racing and recovery. Learn general guidelines in planning the diet for athletic events.



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