Joan Hogan


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PRESENTATIONS 1981 to 2015

2016 Comprehensive Treatment of Migraines - Malden Lectures - Tacoma, WA

2016 Dystonia Symposium, Chattanooga, TN

2015 Food Induced Inflammation Grand Rounds – Seminar for Providers Franciscan Health Systems

2015 Dystonia Health Symposium for Patients, Minneapolis, MN

2015 Dystonia Health Symposium for Patients, Dallas, TX

2015 Dystonia Health Symposium for Patients, Boston, MA

2015 Dystonia Health Symposium for Patients Seattle, WA

2014 Webinar – Comprehensive Management of Migraine

2014 ST Dystonia Symposium Charleston, SC

2014 Nutrition Management of Parkinson’s Disease (DHCC)

2014 Multiple Sclerosis Support Group, Tacoma, Washington

2014 Less Meat More Health-Washington State Renal Nutrition – Seattle, WA

2013 ST Dystonia Symposium in Nashville, TN

2013 Rotary – Gig Harbor, WA – Inflammation and Diet – Nutrition trends 2013

2013 Renal Nutrition for the Non Renal Dietitian- St Joseph Hospital – Tacoma, WA

2013 Renal Nutrition for the Diabetes Educator- St Joseph Hospital – Tacoma, WA

2013 Parkinson Support Group, Sequim, Washington

2013 Less Meat Health in Kidney Disease, Davita Dialysis – Minneapolis, MN

2013 Food Induced Inflammation, Idaho Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

2013 Cooking Demonstration Parkinson Support Group – Tacoma, WA

2012 St Dystonia Symposium: Diet, Inflammation and Neurological Health-St Lois MO

2012 Rethinking Kidney –Spring Clinical NKF Panel Presentation

Washington DC

2012 Parkinson Support Group, Yakima, Washington

2012 Parkinson Community Lecture, Gig Harbor, Washington

2012 Less Meat More Health in Kidney Disease Wisconsin NKF Meeting

2012 Less Meat More Health and Food Induced Inflammation in CKD Illinois Clinical NKF Meeting-2 talks

2011 Voice America- Internet Talk Show – Vegetarianism and Kidney Disease

2011 ST Dystonia Workshop in Colorado Springs, Colorado

2011 Parkinson Disease Community Lecture, Tacoma

2011 Migraine and Adverse Food Reactions, to Dietitians of SPSDA

2011 Diet and Inflammation – Dental Hygenist Group Tacoma, Washington

2010 Top Chef – Vegetarian Challenge – NKF, National Meeting, Orlando, FL

2010 Migraine Support Group – Impact of Inflammation on disorders U of Washington

2009 Healthy Eating in Hard Times – community lecture

2008 Less Meat More Health – community lecture

2007 Nutrition and Marathon Training

2005 Herbal Remedies: Parkinson Support Group

2005 Working with Plant Based Diet in Kidney Disease – NW Renal Dietitians

2002 Herbal Remedies: Hospice

2002 Mountaineers – Intermediate Climbers

2002 Working with Herbal Remedies SPDA

2002 Outpatient CKD Nutrition Counseling - NKF

2002 Dystonia and Nutrition Patient Workshop

2001/2002 RLS Foundation: Nutrition and RLS

2001-2003 Nutrition and Marathon Training

2000 Vegetarianism in Kidney Disease- NKF, National Meeting, Orlando, FL

2000 Herbal Remedies: How Safe are They : Critical Care Nurses

1999 Herbal Remedies How Safe Are They: Grand Rounds SJMC

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1996 Healthy Eating in the 90’s, Rotary Club of Tacoma

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1990 Caring fort the Renal Patient - To Extended Care Facilities

1988 Sports Nutrition- YMCA Triathalon Club

1988 Sports Nutrition for the Tacoma Bike Club

1988 Healthy Eating - Women’s Retreat

1988 Healthy Eating and Weight Loss - U.S. West Telephone Company

1987 Sports Nutrition - Ft. Steilacoom Running Club

1986 Chairman for Workshop of Treatment Issues for Diabetics - To Health Care Professionals

1984 General Nutrition - Bellarmine High School

1983 Television Appearance on Sports Nutrition - KSTW

1982 Behavior Modification and Weight Loss Classes - St. Joseph Hospital

1982 Healthy Eating for the Professional - IBM Company

1981 Humana Hospital Community Lectures on Cardiac Disease and Nutrition

1981 Healthy Eating - 60 and Over Group

1981 Weight Loss Classes - Weyerhaueser Company


Treasurer- Washington Sate Council on Renal Nutrition 2001 to 2008

Past Chair - Washington State Council on Renal Nutrition

Past Quality Management Chairman, Renal Practice Group 1993

Member: Renal Practice Group of ADA

Member: National Kidney Foundation

Member: Vegetarian Practice Group ADA

Member: SCAN


2014 Washington State Dietetic Association

Outstanding Community Service Award