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Ribo-Mag Forte - For Migraine Sufferers

CUSTOM DESIGNED FORMULA designed by Neurologists and Migraine Specialists, based on the optimum doses determined by double blind placebo studies.

RIBO-MAG is the only product available that is free of common migraine triggering additives, such as corn, soy, wheat or lecithin. And the only product to contains nutrients at the appropriate dosage levels for effective prevention.

MAGNESIUM deficiency in the brain has been implicated in the pathology of migraine. Magnesium is a mineral that functions as a component of 100 different enzymes for brain, nerve and muscle function. It is also important in regulation of body temperature, energy metabolism, and other cellular pathways. RIBO-MAG forte contains the most absorbable form of Magnesium, called Magnesium Glycinate, at doses not found in most other supplements. This form of magnesium also reduces undesirable side effectives such as diarrhea.

RIBOFLAVIN (vitamin B-2) is a known factor shown to reduce the frequency and intensity of migraine when used at higher doses than found in usual supplements and food. RIBO-MAG forte contains the therapeutic level of Riboflavin found in studies to be most effective for migraine prevention.

CO-ENZYME Q10 has been demonstrated in recent studies to be effective in preventing migraines. Co-enzyme Q10, also known as ubiquinone, is found in the mitrochondria of every cell in the body. It is involved in a major mechanism for energy production in the brain.Supplemental Coenzyme Q10 is believed to improve the brain mitochondrial dysfunction that may occur in people who suffer with migraine.

VITAMIN 12 AND FOLATE Contribute to healthy homocysteine levels and proper methylation support. This may prevent hyperactivity of the brain and blood vessels associated with migraine.

2 tablets contain:
Riboflavin 400 mg
Magnesium Glycinate 500 mg
CoEnzymeQ10 100 mg
Vitamin B12 (methylcobalmin) 1000 mcg
Folate (L-methylfolate, Metafolin) 400 mcg

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