Patient Successes

"I have had debilitating migraines since I was a young girl.  I’ve tried every treatment including acupuncture, botox, and numerous medications, but nothing helped alleviate the pain, or reduce the frequency of them.

My neurologist repeatedly encouraged me to have testing done to check for Food Sensitivities.  After a year I put my skepticism aside and decided I had nothing to lose as the migraines were now a daily part of my life.

The results were surprising to say the least.  I had so many sensitivities to things I loved to eat that it was devastating initially. I literally grieved the loss of my old life.
Joan was amazing to work with! She was incredibly available, informative, and encouraging.  A year and a half later, I can honestly say committing to this program has changed my life in so many ways.  If I do get a migraine, it’s not severe and it actually responds to sumatriptan.  I’m no longer worried that I won’t be able to attend events or important functions because of the pain.  I feel like I can participate in my life again. I always said I felt like I was being poisoned, but I didn’t know by what.  Now I know I was literally being hurt by the foods I was eating.  I’m healthier than I’ve ever been, and I experienced one unintended benefit; I lost 15 lbs."



"I came for food sensitivity counseling with a 30 history of migraine. A history that seem to worsen as I got older. I had been to see a migraine specialist and had been tried on a multitude of  migraine medications.  And still on average I was having 3-4 migraines per week.

When first suggested that diet might be the culprit, I was very skeptical.  I certainly did not know there was a link between diet and migraine. But I was wrong.  After a couple of weeks on this program, I was down to 3-4 migraines per  month.   There have been other benefits to the diet as well.  I lost over 20 pounds and have kept it off,  I have saved money  by spending less on copays for migraine medications, and I find I am calmer, more clear headed with much better energy."



"I'm a 64 year old writer and biologist who has been increasingly frustrated by fatigue, fibromyalgia, GI disturbances and decreased immunity. Standard medical treatment for these symptoms brought no real understanding of what was happening, and did nothing to slow the debilitation. I had the good fortune to be referred to Joan Hogan, who uses the LEAP program and MRT testing to construct individual nutritional pathways which heal the gut. This is something I now understand as crucial to maintaining health. Within weeks of identifying and eliminating my particular food and chemical intolerances and adding a few basic supplements, my GI tract began to normalize. As I look back now, it's been a pretty dramatic reversal! Joan and I are now addressing health issues as they arise. This is the most worthwhile step I've made toward recovering a healthy, active life."



Consider your self blessed if you get the chance to see Joan. She has been a life saving person. She has brought back life into my daily routine. For over a year I began to suffer from Migraine headaches. I went from doctor to doctor, one headache medicine to another. In and out of urgent and the emergency hospitals trying to find relief from my migraines. I would lose days from my life trying to cope. 
Until I happened to find Joan. She listened to what I had to say and immediately got to work. I will admit some of the foods and lifestyle changes she wanted me to give up was not easy but it was so worth it. Her implementations started to work immediately. My mind started to grow stronger and my Migraines lessened. A year later, I now am able to see life clearer with out the nausea and sickness that had consumed me from Migraines. When I went to see Joan I was expecting relief from my Migraines, instead I got so much more. A new way of living, energy flowing through me, happiness that radiates, weight loss, and confidence to go through my life not worrying if what I do or eat will cause me to have a Migraine. Thank you Joan for giving me the tools that I needed to manage my Migraines. 


After 9 months, I am still following the program you put me on to help with my IGA Nephropathy kidney failure.  My kidney failure has been somewhat stable and has not progressed as quickly as it may have and I feel that it may be due to my new lifestyle eating habits.  The added benefit is that within the past 9 months (Apr 2011-Jan 2012), I have lost 80 pounds due to my new eating habits all without starving my self.  I was also to reach my nephrologists required goal weight for me ahead of schedule should I require a kidney transplant.  Another added benefit has been since starting my new eating program in April, my Nephrologist has been able to take me completely off all blood pressure and diuretic medications.

I now consider the program you designed for me to be my new way of eating and will not be going back to my old habits ever.   

Prior to coming to see you in April 2011, my primary doctor had seriously recommended that I consider gastric bypass or stomach stapling to loose weight at every recheck visit.  At my checkup in May 2011, I took my program to my primary doctor and showed her what I was doing.  At my recheck in January 2012, my doctor was shocked at my weight lost....and kept saying "you did this all without without surgical intervention..amazing!". 

Weight has always been an issue for me during my lifetime and I have gone on and off several diet plans to loose weight - Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, etc.  None of those programs of which I tried in the past had provided me with the correct tools that would lead me down the road to a healthier way of eating.  Although the change in eating habits was difficult at first, I had found that within a couple weeks I no longer craved the unhealthy foods (fast foods, processed foods, sugars, wheat, etc) and drinks (caffeine, soda, milk, etc) that I was accustomed to and overall felt generally better. 

I sincerely owe all this success to you and the program you put me on.  Without your help, I would have never lost so much weight in a safe and natural way and improved my overall general health through good eating.  The best part is that I am able to consistently keep the weight off all while eat a lot of good healthily foods! 

I have even introduced my family and friends to my new menus with quinoa, fish, etc and have found that they now have incorporated some of the same healthy choices into their eating programs as well.  

Although my kidney failure does not always let me feel as great as I could, I truly feel better than I should considering my disease.   I am told that if I should require a kidney transplant because of my new eating habits and weight lost I will be a better surgical candidate.  Then after transplant, I will be back to normal....this time it will be an even better new normal due to the less weight and overall better nutrition and eating habits.

What you do is wonderful!