The Vegetarian Diet for Kidney Disease

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by Joan Brookhyser Hogan, RD, CLT, CD

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Preserving Kidney Function with Plant-Based Eating
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This book focuses on a growing awareness of the value of a vegetarian or plant based diet in coping with kidney disease. This valuable book has a great deal of specific information to assist you in implementing, or continuing, a plant-based diet that can help, not harm, the health of your kidneys. In this book you will find information on the benefits of vegetarianism, and followed with chapters on the stages of Kidney disease, on common problems associated with the disease, and on the relationship of this disease to other disorders. An enlightening discussion of the link between kidneys and diet precedes a diet plan that also includes herbals, supplements, and other natural products, with a final chapter on detailed meal plans and recipes providing the core of the author's program. Along with numerous, detailed tables and graphs, there are Appendices, Resources, and References that serve to round out the guidelines and highlight the benefits of this type of diet for chronic kidney disease. NOT A VEGETARIAN? No worries, you will still find this book useful.