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Vegan Butter Chicken (with tofu) Photo
Cashews, Coconut oil, Ginger, Garlic, Onion, Chili Powder, Turmeric, Coriander, Cumin, Cinnamon, Maple Syrup, Tomatoes, Salt, Pepper, Almond Milk
icon ingredients 16 ingredients
Calories: 264 Protein: 6.8 g Fat: 16.5 g Carbohydrate: 25 g Fiber: 4 g Sodium: 358 mg Potassium: 686 mg
Sprouted Lentil Salad Photo
lentils, tomatoes, avocado, bell pepper, corn, jicama, onion, cilantro, olive oil, lime
icon ingredients 14 ingredients
Protein: 24 g Fat: 58 g Carbohydrates: 76 g Fiber: 37 g Sodium: 231 mg Potassium: 1643 mg
Gazpacho Andaluz  Photo
tomato puree, tomato, bell pepper, cucumber, cilantro, scallions, olive oil, lemon juice, lime juice, jalapeno, garlic
icon ingredients 12 ingredients
Calories: 204 Protein: 6.1 g Fat: 8 g Carbohydrate: 33 g fiber: 7.5 g sodium: 549 mg potassium: 1514 mg
Barley Vegetable Stew Photo
carrot, potato, broccoli, onion, mushroom, beans, barley
icon ingredients 12 ingredients
Protein: 22 g Fat: 3.2 g Carbohydrate: 113.5 g Fiber: 24 g Sodium: 526 mg Potassium: 4652 mg
Spiralized Vegan Mac & Cheese Photo
cauliflower, carrots, nutritional yeast, coconut oil, flax seeds, garlic, mustard, turmeric, cayenne, yellow squash
icon ingredients 12 ingredients
Fat: 3 g Sodium: 191 mg Carbohydrate: 12 g Fiber: 4 g Protein: 3 g
The Perfect Smoothie Formula Photo
icon ingredients 9 ingredients
Nutrients Per Serving will vary depending on which ingredients you use but they may look something like this: Fat: 19 g Sodium 3 mg potassium: 630 mg Carbs: 50 g Fiber: 12 g Protein: 10 g
Chickpea Flour Crust Photo
chickpea flour, water, olive oil, garlic, salt
icon ingredients 5 ingredients
Protein: 5 g Fat: 15 g Carbohydrates: 14 g Fiber: 3 g Sodium: 161 mg Potassium: 198 mg
No-Yeast Pizza Dough Photo
flour, baking powder, salt, vegetable oil, water
icon ingredients 5 ingredients
Protein: 8 g Fat: 4 g Carbohydrates: 60 g Fiber: 4g Sodium: 863 mg Potassium: 273 mg
Oatmeal Crust Photo
oat, sugar, salt, vegetable oil, water
icon ingredients 5 ingredients
Protein: 5 g Fat: 17 g Carbohydrates: 28 g Fiber: 4 g Sodium: 25 mg Potassium: 1 mg
Curry Tofu with Fresh Mango Chutney Photo
rice, tofu, curry powder, salt, olive oil, garlic, spinach, black pepper, mango, onion, mint, ginger, lime
icon ingredients 12 ingredients
Protein: 18 g Fat: 25 g Carbohydrates: 63 g Fiber: 5 g Sodium: 53 mg Potassium: 545 mg
Millet and Oyster Mushroom Bowls Photo
millet, oyster mushrooms, red onion, thyme, lentils
icon ingredients 12 ingredients
Per 2 Cup Serving: Protein: 18 g Fat: 14 g Carbohydrates: 67 g Fiber: 16 g Sodium: 264 mg
Quinoa Pilaf with Tempeh and Broccoli Photo
quinoa, ginger, garlic, orange juice, tempeh, coconut oil, jalapeno, soy sauce, broccoli, green onions, cashews
icon ingredients 13 ingredients
Per 1 1/2 cup serving: Protein: 21 g Fat: 19 g Carbohydrates: 47 g Fiber: 6 g Sodium: 625 mg
Mediterranean Baked Bulgur Photo
cauliflower, red onion, olive oil, tomatoes, vegetable broth, feta cheese, dill, salt, pine nuts
icon ingredients 10 ingredients
Per 1 1/2 cup serving Protein: 12 g Fat: 13 g Carbohydrates: 42 g Fiber: 10 g Sodium: 580 mg
Sweet and Sour Barley-Tofu Hot Pot Photo
broth, tomatoes, apple cider vinegar, brown sugar, Sriracha, cabbage, parsnips, carrots, onion, barley, tofu
icon ingredients 11 ingredients
Per 2 cup serving Protein: 15 g Fat: 3 g Carbohydrates: 73 g Fiber: 14 g Sodium: 800 mg
Ratatouille Photo
olive oil, onion, garlic, eggplant, peppers, zucchini, tomatoes
icon ingredients 11 ingredients
Protein: 3 g Fat: 19 g Carbohydrate: 17 g Fiber: 6 g Sodium: 564 mg Potassium: 614 mg Phosphorus: 71 mg
Bean and Spinach Soup Photo
kidney beans, chickpeas, spinach, onion, garlic, clove, basil, parsley, oregano
icon ingredients 10 ingredients
Protein: 13 g Fat: 1 g Carbohydrate: 41 g Fiber: 11 g Sodium: 616 mg Potassium: 728 mg Phosphorus: 255 mg