Food Sensitivity Testing

Food sensitivities are adverse health reactions that can be can be caused by food, food additives or other substances in your food.  These reactions can play a major role in common health conditions including, migraines, digestive problems, joint and muscle pain, sinus and skin disorders.

Identifying reactive foods can be difficult. It is important to note that any food or food chemical can be reactive-- even foods that are considered healthy, may be reactive for some people.  Sometimes a reactive food, such as milk, can be easy to identify. Other times however, the reactive substance may be a food chemical, such as salicylates, and it is anything but easy to determine. In addition, symptoms can present anywhere from 4 to even 96 hours after a food or chemical is ingested.  Symptoms usually involve more than one food or food chemical, and may also be dose dependent. This means, unless we eat enough of the food or food chemical to immediately trigger a reaction, we may not feel the effects of a reaction until hours or days after we have eaten the food. For these reasons, dealing with food sensitivities on your own can be very difficult.

Nutritional Genetic Testing

Within your DNA is a roadmap to achieving optimal health and wellness. We can use it to identify and address common genetic variations to help target your individual nutritional requirements.

Mediator Release Test (MRT)

MRT has helped thousands of sensitive individuals to substantially improve and even eliminate chronic health conditions. Food 4 Life has used MRT testing for over 8 years and has experienced these same successes.

Comprehensive Nutrient Testing

Genova Diagnostics offers a comprehensive nutritional test that provides an assessment of individual diet and supplementation needs. Through the evaluation of blood and urine samples, a  personalized functional nutrition assessment is obtained,  covering Antioxidants, B Vitamins, Digestive Support, and Minerals. Why waste money  guessing at your individual nutrition needs?

Diet History Analysis

Wondering if your diet is balanced? Are you getting enough calories or protein?, Too much fat?  Too much sugar?   Would you like to know exactly what your diet contains for all nutrients?  Food 4 Life can analyze your diet for over 50 nutrients, with easy to read written results, helping you determine where to improve in your own diet planning.


We are providers with most major insurance companies. Testing and diet counseling charges will vary with each service and your particular insurance plan. Our clinic will work with you to determine what services are covered, which services would be best for you, considering any economical concerns you might have.